Thursday, February 12, 2009

Page from my father's notebooks...

My father died on February 13th 1989, 2o years ago. I have a stack of his hand written journals. He had many interests : math and physics, telescopes, watch and clock repair, bonsai trees, camping by rivers, tales of buried treasures, biographies, music and tennis matches on television when he no longer played himself.

He admired and studied the art of calligraphy. He liked the feel of ink and paper and sometimes would save a piece of junk advertising mail if he felt any quality of rag content and use the blank parts of it to practice handwriting styles.

This page is written in a yellow faced spiral bound notebook. He was just scribbling words...longing for them to be both visually beautiful and communicate. People and communicating were my father's underlying and enduring interests. I miss him.

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Gretchen Joanna said...

This makes me want to take up italic handwriting again.