Friday, March 20, 2009

Extravagant Color

I suppose it depends on where you live
whether or not this color looks extravagant to you.

I know certain people who think pinks and their cousin colors are just too over the top. But nature is full of vibrant color surprises. One surprise I have been witnessing is how much Mark has taken to gardening. Yesterday he was screening the compost boxes and hand delivering vital soil treats to various plants. His camera is always on his hip, he doesn't have to run back in the house and get his camera like I do. So after I published my "lick and a promise" post, promising more flower photos soon, I snapped these few pink pictures and was off to the grocery and errands. On my return, I found that Mr. Green Thumb had snapped flowers galore. He did such a nice job you should just go look at the flowers at searock-mark. Then you can get a peek at his new friend, Sally the mander too.
These bursts of pinks are rhododendrons.

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