Saturday, March 21, 2009

San Francisco Evening
~Light on the Water~

Looking north east...Alcatraz Island in the bay and the dome of the 1915 World's Fair Exposition

Here's a closer view, it was so windy, most of my pictures aren't even presentable...just tilt your head a little to straighten this out. At least my hair hadn't blown across the lense in this shot.

Here she is...a little hazy...the city by the bay.

City folks in their Friday night black climbing a path below the bridge.

Bridge of so many parents walked across it the first day it was open.

looking north to Marin County

Now Rosannah and I are west of the bridge, and as you can see,
I couldn't step any further west to take this picture for you.

Can't keep me away from sunsets on the water.

Marin Headlands in the golden light. childhood home.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing! You've really captured the beauty of the bay! Thank you for the comment by the way. I do see your point, perhaps I could edit it to include public transportation. Heh.