Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tomorrow is Friday

Today I posted a short-short piece of fiction....a little writing warm up and I also wrote an essay about the economy and problem solving methods on my "other" blog. You can get to it through my complete profile. It will be different than this blog, more focused on writing, but then what do I know? I've already surprised myself with the offerings that have popped out on this blog. So forgive my predicting into the unknown and please just come back and visit me on both pages. I'll be glad to hear if ever something here has hit the mark for you, made you smile, or made you think or reflected back to you something you sometimes feel. Your comments on what you appreciate most will be of value to me. Thank you.

Well, tomorrow is Friday where I live and here's a picture of the last rays of Thursday, March 12, 2009 looking out over the Pacific. Hope you have had a good day and if you had a hard one, I hope there's a night of rest and renewal lining up for you.

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