Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dancing Fuschias from my New Camera

Oh, I do like my new camera.

There are many things to learn about it...first of all it takes such big pictures that I have to use a different program to download them. I can adjust the pixels though...maybe tomorrow I will read about that. I do intend to become much more versed with all its capacities. My last camera was capable of more than I ever learned. When a child I used our family camera and took a class where we walked all over Mount Tamalpias and Muir Woods snapping pictures and learning about light and apertures. It was quite expensive to get film developed and I ruined many a frame of film. Now there is so much done for me, you'd think I'd unravel its mysteries, right? But as one of my brothers who telephones me frequently recently said, with the numbers he calls programmed into his phone, he has no idea what my telephone number is... All right, no excuses...I will learn more about my Canon Power Shot SD990IS. Page 89 says that "M" stands for manual.



BumbleVee said...

they look like dainty little dollies..... hmmm .....

Elizabethd said...

Thank you for visiting me in France.
What a wonderful photo you have on your banner, it reminds me of Canada.

scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. It means so much to have such wonderful comments.

The Creative Place said...

Love this picture! I'm still learning how to use my Canon Rebel XTi, my pictures don't look near as beautiful as yours :) Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, it's always so wonderful to see a new comment.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Hello Jeanette,

I have found your special place and it is LOVELY. I feel very much at home around here . . . mind if I wander a bit? ; D

Have fun getting to know your camera and its many talents. I never took a photo other than the occasional vacation snap until I started blogging. My husband and kids snap, snap, snap with such aplomb that I just had to try it out. I LOVED IT! I now hog the camera more than all the others combined. I have no idea all the photo possibilities with the canon SLR we possess, but I do know that whatever I want it to do it manages and makes me smile.

As a fellow Californian, who formerly dwelt in the Santa Cruz area (Felton, actually) and now resides in the Sierras (far from the sea) I am eager to drink deeply of your coastal photos. I see the next title "Sunday Sun and Whales in the Cove" and I am all a-shiver with excitement.

I'll sign off for now and go exploring. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, so that I could come say thank you and find such a glorious place to rest for a bit before my day takes me off on tasks and duties.

Have a JOY-filled day!
XO ~~ Debbie