Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here a blog, there a blog Links & Navigation

Some of you know that I have two blogs. Bread on the Water is the blog that links up with my name first and I love to share photos and creativity and odd events. On Write Purpose I share some journal entries, a little fiction, politics some times. I really hope you visit my other blog and read the post about an orphanage run like a family home in Rwanda. I am friends with the folks who began it and they are soon moving there. I will miss them, but if you go here and read the story about them and the children they adopt, you'll see why I am happy for them to go.

It took me a while on blogspot to learn that if you follow a link to a specific story, that is all you can access unless you then hit on the banner of the blog and it will then reload with the latest story on top. If you check out a blogger's complete profile you can also navigate between their blogs if they have more than one. Most bloggers are more organized than I am...they have their recipes on one blog and their trips to foreign lands on another, but here I am enjoying being here and there in the blogosphere and as I said when I first set out to share, I'm never quite sure what it's going to be. Thanks for visiting. Leave a comment if you will, it's always great to find out who has stopped by.

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Suzenne said...

Learning to blog surf with you! I'll go to Write purpose next.