Saturday, May 1, 2010

Celebration...a quiet anniversary

These days we don't live near enough to have a party...but as we celebrate our anniversary together we think of  those who gathered around us that day thirty-three years ago. 
We spent the morning pruning more windows to the sea from our outdoor table.  Only the last few mornings has the sun been hitting this spot. I took this photo this afternoon after we trimmed the thicket. 

We wandered into Carmel for a late we waited for a table at Dametra Cafe we walked  in town

and enjoyed the window shoppers.

A young couple was on their honeymoon and  we were mutually feted with a song at Bashar Sneeh and Faisal Nimri's restaurant.

This little diner stood and gently danced to the music. She brought smiles to many.

So it has been a restful day full of flowers and sunshine and the kindness of those nearby...
as we carry love in our hearts for those gone on before us and send our love to those too distant to share with us today.


Sarah Beth said...

what a perfect way to celebrate

Nick and Babs Schulz said...

I wish we could have been with you. Much love from Nick and Babs


No wonder we both cooked out of the same cook book (Laurel's Kitchen) - we celebrate our 33rd anniversary this year as well.