Monday, June 7, 2010

Wild Life on the Coast Fortunately Unfortunately

Our dear daughter, R. used to write fortunately- unfortunately stories…this one is for her.
     Fortunately things went well for the wedding and by late Sunday afternoon all the folks who had been staying the last few weeks and the more recent influx of guests had left and we were home alone strategizing for the next gathering, which begins Wednesday.
     Unfortunately we don’t have quite as much recovery and prep time as would be truly graceful before the next demands, but fortunately we had talked ourselves into believing we can do it.
     If you read about Phoebe the cat’s narrow brush with death in the jaws of a bobcat last week, you’ll understand why we have diligently sought to bring and keep the cats inside before sunset, as sunrise and sunset are two of the times bobcats most like to prowl and hunt. Unfortunately, that is also true of spoiled little domestic cats.
     Fortunately, late yesterday afternoon, we cajoled both kitties inside. Unfortunately, Princess Kitty Bumpkins wasn’t happy about it and was crying rather loudly.
     Fortunately, the volume of K-Bump’s complaint and request did not stop me from hearing a human child’s cry in our driveway. Unfortunately, the child had not liked traveling the windy coast road in the back of her family’s car. Fortunately, the parents of this family of four were able to safely pull off in our drive. Unfortunately they did not have all the supplies their little emergency required. Fortunately I jumped through the hatch and ascertained what the travelers needed and called Mark on the phone.
     Fortunately he found and delivered through the hatch to me what help we could offer. Unfortunately Princess Kitty Bumpkins had a split second open door chance and she took it. Yes…
     It would be fortunate if I could end the story here…but as fortunate as we briefly felt when Mark succeeded in luring Kitty Bumpkins back to the house a few hours later, unfortunately she had been sprayed by a skunk.
     Fortunately, we decided she could safely pass the night in the garage. Unfortunately this has hurt her little cat feelings. Fortunately she smells somewhat better this morning and is now safely sleeping in her kitty bed.
     Unfortunately I don’t have time to hunt down any perfect pictures to accompany this story. Fortunately, for now, we still plan on coming out smelling like a rose.


Rosannah said...

it's just not stop for you right now! oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Beth said...

hmmmm funny, I smelled a skunk last night.

First sentence of the story says "use" when you meant "used".

I like this story a lot... well, I don't like what happened to Kitty Bumpkins, but maybe next time she wants to go out she will realize you are keeping her in for her own good? Or maybe she won't realize that...

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh my goodness is right. Dear me, those kitties keep you way too busy! At least, if I have my way, you won't have to cook dinner Sat night, so maybe you can use the time to chase or wash or mend--or just cuddle--some feline or other.

Jeannette said...

Gretchen, yes, I accept..How fun!


Who doesn't enjoy a good fortunately/unfortunatley story. Strong work, Jeannette.

Sukie Curtis said...

Jeannette, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a thoughtful comment. I'm glad to visit yours. And so very happy that both kitties came through more or less unscathed. I love the two quotes you have in your sidebar, too.