Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cool Coast Cat Walk

Want to go for a little walk?  Down here?  All the way down?

The coast has ways
                                           of making up for days
                                            that have no yellow sunshine.

                             orange ways

and other ways too..

                                                        Come on...keep going...

We three were the stragglers.

                                                                   But we caught up...

so pretty no matter if you look north

   or south.                                                                                                              


Anonymous said...

Jeannette, absolutely love the pics. I can hear the ocean through my computer screen and feel the salt air on my face. I am green with blogging envy. You all looked like you had a fabulous time. Thanks for the change in scenery.


Matushka said...



Carol............. said...

I really like the way you did this post and picture cometary!

Those rocks are rugged and powerful yet they instill a calmness and a feeling of security.

Great pics!

Jeannette said...

Very pretty scenery! Glad to see Phoebe is doing well. I was looking through my old blog posts and saw that I had met another Jeannette, with daughter(s) and a calico in common so I thought I'd visit you. :)

Sarah Beth said...

beautiful!! :)