Saturday, December 11, 2010

Music, Music Music....

In the morning:
 It's a Saturday morning.  Does thinking it, saying it, writing it, deepen the impression, the preciousness of it?
Does documenting that there is morning light on the wings of a white bird over the waters of the Pacific, that the horizon has a low quilted band of gray soft  clouds and the waters that have already melted in the morning's sun are floating  up into the short blue waves of a promising sky....does that deepen the impression for me?  It is Saturday. Yes.

Our first practice....

We are practicing music much lately. It is hard to describe the mix of music...a group of people centered around an oud player... lots of original compositions from  the oudist and the guitarist...
The violin player studies Egyptian style.  I am playing my flute.  A lovely keyboardist came to practice  the other night...I hope she will come back.  We are in preparation for a December 15th event...more on that later. 
                                                                     The Afternoon:
I have soup  in the crock pot and we ate broccoli for lunch...trying to eat like grown ups once in a while to not let  too many of the Christmas sweets that keep appearing here and there  take control of us. 

We practiced at home this morn but will leave soon.  At home, we had  some of our  music taped to the hearth.  The black-eyed-Susan  is blooming  along the stairs to the laundry room.  I picked a bouquet of that today and hung some cedar boughs with red ribbon.  Pretty heavy level of decorating...huh?  But imagine how the two kitties would  enjoy swatting anything new in the room.  All ornaments would be considered for their amusement.  Trees surround us outside and they are hung with cones and birds and lichen knit right there in their limbs.

 Time to go!     Happy Saturday afternoon and evening to you.


Ryan Brady said...

Maybe you should post a recording of this group! Holiday music making is the best. :)


I would so enjoy popping over for a cup of soup and an afternoon of listening to you practice. If the songs are in the key of C or other easy keys, I love playing the piano. Just no 5 #'s for me.

Wonderful wonderful Saturday.


Jeannette said...

Well look at that, two commentors and they both play keyboard.
...I have had to get my circle of fifths out and try to think about sharps, flats and accidentals while simultaneously thinking about a few other aspects such as pitch and tone and then forget all that and just be in the music. I think I did whisper one many flats is that? oh and in the minor? uhmm okay.
The keyboard player has opted, wisely I think, not to join in for this time around. So Ryan, you who have flats and sharps deeply impressed into that bright young brain of yours, just hop on a plane and come home to California. If there is a recording I might be brave enough to pop something up...we will see, (or hear.)
Thanks for letting me know you were here...

Carol............. said...

Know nothing about playing, let alone reading, music but I would certainly have enjoyed listening! I appreciate all talents that people bring to the world and usually when they enjoy their music, or other gifts, the audience does too.

The picture of the mantel with your flowers and flute is great!

Have a good week..