Friday, February 4, 2011

Learning New Things

Please take  "things" in the most literal sense.  I have a new thing on my desk which I am fondly referring to as a BIG MAC.  NO, it is not edible, I don't ever eat at McD's....but I have switched from a PC, personal computer, with windows operating  system and all that to an IMac and I am in a bit of a learning curve!
You can't imagine the fun that I am planning...and I hardly can either.  But, one step at a time I am figuring things out.

                                                  I am not tilting at windmills, I am not....



You brave, brave woman. :)


Nature ID (Katie) said...

I can totally relate to how this is. I got my iMac last May after 2 years of debating over what kind of new computer I wanted after 10 years of having my trusty HP PC. Unfortunately, my fingers still remember the PC keyboard shortcuts and I get to places I didn't intend. Do you have the wireless mouse and keyboard, too? I hate having to use batteries. I also haven't loaded the AppleCare and OfficeMac software, yet. It all makes me feel a bit old and behind the times in terms of tech-savviness. So, um, why Don Quixote?

Jeannette said...

Why Don Quixote...well, Katie, as you so well put it, the finger sometime get me to places that I did not intend to know as in the song..."the wild wind's of fortune that carry me onward, oh wither soever they blow....wither soever they blow, onward to glory I go.. !" I am at Grandma's checking my mail on a very old pc and I already miss my new machine.

John said...

We made the change to Mac two years ago. You will love it, especially with the pictures you take. It does amazing things in helping to make them usable and turning videos into movies... fantastic.

The blue tooth keyboard and mouse are pretty neat, although I miss the number pad and figuring out how to delete forward takes some learning.

I bought IWorks when I got the desk top and my wife's lab top, but even after two years they don't work like Office so I just broke down and got that too.

Congratulations. Jgt