Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Precious in the Light

Yesterday, in the afternoon, the light was so stunning I took my camera out and snapped away at almost everything that delighted me.   I did, I took seventy-six pictures.   In part it was possible because a friend had come over to make dinner for us.  With fresh strawberries, cilantro, feta cheese and young green onions  as a pre-walk appetizer...and knowing dinner was merrily cooking away, we wandered down to the rocks on the water.

There are many jokes with groanings in them about people sharing their home movies.  What brought that to mind?  I won't show you all seventy-six.  I haven't decided which ones I will post...but here I go wandering into the visual archive of yesterday.

   This was my first peek at an artichoke on its way.
 And although I was taking a macro photo of this  Julia Child rosebud, a little green bug was getting a much closer view.
Kitty Bumpkins knew about the artichoke already before I did, I am sure.

Back to the archives...but not before popping out the front door to take a sunset  picture.  " What will you do with all those pictures of the sunset?"  I've been asked.  What do we do with all the sunsets?  Stop and feel, marvel and thank, praise and reflect and tonight, hurry back in because it isn't quite as warm as the day we had yesterday.

The Pride of Madeira was buzzing with bees and hummingbirds again.  My attempts to capture the birds did not result in any good photos, but trying was good watching.

~spiraling umbels of color~

dizzy with close up close up beauty...

 I look up

                           and down below my feet...

every direction is ....well...remarkable

  I want to say something about the foot inside this boot...and it's mate too...these feet have trod many miles, stood and walked by me and for me.  Not my feet..."his" feet.   I love these feet.

~our contemplative artist chef ~                                   


remarkable....                                                     remark as you will!

Do you remember the sound of home movies?  My father had a little snippet of film where I, four years old or so and naughty, turned the garden hose toward him.  He liked to show that bit of film backwards.

Oh, just a few more pictures...there is one of the light coming through the trees...maybe I can find that one without too much delay and then I will do whatever else I am supposed to be doing....and hope you will be glad that  you stayed to the end of the movie.

 Gideon wants to be in the picture show too...

And one more close up to end ...the wild iris have been lovely this week.  They are one of those delicate realities, so true to life....appreciate them when  you see them...you can't take them for granted.  Their time is short, they bloom and they wither and their season  passes quickly.

~that's all~ and yes, dinner was lovely too.


Mark said...

I always liked home movies...:-)

jojo said...

stunning...I'm glad I stayed!

Harmony said...

You are surrounded by such beauty. I'm glad you keep having eyes to appreciate it, and thank you for sharing! Lovely photos in glorious light.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd say you have some pretty nice friends! Imagine making you dinner! I loved those pix! I have a special thing for light also. I love light, all kinds: warm sunshine, reading lights, star light, Christmas tree lights, fireplace lights, sunrises, sunsets and candlelight! As Catholics, we always light the paschal candle at funerals as a reminder of the light of Christ in the world. I loved the Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam where he depicts light in a special way on all it illuminates. There is a light in many faces you meet and that must come from God. Ah, well, don't get me started. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your surroundings! Cheers, Debi.

Rosannah said...

So beautiful! and so fun to get a dose of CALIFORNIA! such a pretty place!!!!

farmlady said...

Oh, this is all so Carmel wonderful. I haven't been down there in so long.
I will follow your blog because it's lovely and it's just California Coastal beautiful.
I don't think we appreciate our feet enough. They are unsung heros.
Great photos...

John said...

What JoJo said....

John said...

except I wasn't there.

Jeannette said...

John if you scrolled to the final picture you were just as much "here" as JoJo. She only meant that she had "stayed" for the end of the blog...or as I was metaphorically referring to it, the home movie.

Hello Farmlady...yes, I appreciate my feet...but those were my husband's feet I was thanking, just thinking of all the things he does that I reap benefits from while he is on his feet.

Jojo...so glad you stopped by bread on the water...come again!

Harmony...how did your pictures turn out?

Rosannah....a big dose awaits when you are ready.


I love picturing you out enjoying the beautiful sun and taking pictures to share with us, all the while anticipating going home to a delicious dinner.

A couple of times someone has come to fix dinner for us IN OUR HOME. It is a novel and sweet idea.

I love thoughtful friends.



Matushka said...

I always take a nice deep breath when I come to your blog. Lovely photos, lovely words.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

Ruth MacC said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful places!