Monday, March 12, 2012

Arrivals and Departures

No we didn't make it up,  yesterday's setting sun was just as glorious  as I remember, and of course even more  than I can take in, there is glory. You were good about  popping out at sunset time and taking moments to soak in the beauty throughout the day.  We are given so much light, though at times we have to carry it in less than bright places.  Carry it with joy dear one.  Soon your plane will set down and you will be arriving instead of departing.


Neal said...

Beautiful Sunset!

Celeste said...

carry the light...i will carry these words. blessings, my ether friend.


Beautiful words and pictures. I like the way you think.

Jeannette, when you have time and aren't outside enjoying your beautiful area ... could you send me your e.mail. I lost it and have a question I want to ask you. (at your leisure.)

Thanks, luv.