Thursday, March 13, 2014

February's Flowers in Northern California

In January I think the violet's were already blooming but where are my pictures of them? Perhaps in the cold I only took shaky shots. I was glad to find that both white and purple violets still grow randomly all over the back garden. Their blooms are tiny and I only really began to appreciate them when I was down on my knees. 

 In February these crocus sprang forth.  At night they close up and then with the light they smile again.
Every time I walked by these I was delighted and often thought of returning up the stairs for my camera.  My daughter took this snapshot with her phone.

On February 2,  a much appreciated rainy day, 
I hung out the bathroom window 
to capture this photo of the first  camellia blooms.

And then the magnolia trees started in...this one is at my next door neighbors.

Magnolias really are amazing...
you can see why it is tempting to mistakenly call them Tulip Trees

I planted the redwoods in the background  about 25 years ago.

The back garden is getting bloomy...the fruit trees are budding.  Mark made a gazebo for the climbing roses to lean on.  This photo is from Konstantin's artistic perspective. 

 So, making myself at home again in Sonoma County,  I have been outside ...a lot.  March has already been as warm here as it ever was on the central coast.  
Come this summer I'll probably be reading books and writing in some cool cave of a room.

Not that I haven't been reading too, but I'll save that for another time, this was just to share a few of February's flowers.

best wishes,


wayside wanderer said...

So lovely! I would be spending my time outside, too!

Haddock said...

Wonderful. The first picture is the best.