Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Garden Trail of Blooms mid April

 Creating this  trail of posts on early spring blooms which grace us for such brief time,  I have had to look up the spelling of more than one flower.

Tuesday, April 15th, the Delphinium was  just about to open.

  I learned that it's named  from the Greek word for dolphin
and my Delphinium being still in the bud, I was able to see why this is so.

By the 18th of  April,    
 the little dolphins were already transformed.

The Cecil Brunner is climbing onto the new gazebo 
where its small pink roses burst open this week as well.

                                                   This showy volunteer bloomed when I wasn't looking.  Digitalis purpurea  or foxglove is not  native to California and is considered a wild land invasive.  They grow readily from the seeds they cast and bloom their second year.  If  left to their own devices, they can, in the right conditions, crowd out native flora.  I've left  a few of those I found in my garden, but have curtailed them against a wall.  The bees like them, they fly right into the spotted chambers. A prescription heart medicine is made from a chemical removed from the plant.  Be aware, if you have animals or children, that every part of the plant is poisonous.  

On a rotting stump amidst a variety of more green and growing volunteers, 
this mushroom shone like gold in the morning sun. There are many treasures in life that I don't know near enough about and fungi are one of them. I learned a little about mushrooms in the last few years and  know enough to approach each one with wonder and let them be for the various kinds of good they can do.

More rain would of course be appreciated here in "Zone 14,  Northern California inland with some ocean influence" as it would across the rest of the state.   As the days continue to warm and the spring flowers pass one by one, I know I'll want to visit the ocean blue and feel its cooling influence more directly, but for now the weather is warm and gentle and much appreciated. 


Katie (Nature ID) said...

I'm impressed with how much that pink rose has climbed the gazebo.

Neal said...

As always, great words and photos! Cheers.

Martha said...

Although the fox glove might not be native, it sure is pretty. It's a dilemma that plagues all of us, something that is non-native may be beautiful, but does not allow the local flora to grow...should we uproot the non-natives or not? My 91 year old grandfather has a wonderful book with photographs of all kinds of mushrooms, how you can tell which are edible and which may look like they are edible and are not, which I wouldn't even risk. We ♥ eating mushrooms in our home.

Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

Even the mushrooms are big and beautiful where you live. Spring is just The Best. I love that you are taking time to share yours with us.

Skyline Spirit said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Jeannette said...

Hi Katie ID...yes, the rose is a climber and now I think I'll pretend it is wild for a season or two as I certainly don't want to have to climb up there myself and trim off the spent flowers. We have found lots of bird nests in the fence line roses. I hope more nest builders come this year.

Hello Neal, I sure have been enjoying your bird blog. Thanks for your kind words, as always.

I am not afraid of the foxglove, but I used to live near a creek where it took over so I do know it can and while it is declared invasive, I don't think the state is actively going after it ( no funds anyway) but are educating people about it. Often very attractive realities have down sides in many realms....don't they? I should have taken a picture before the last rain we had this weekend...there are blooming foxgloves that were hidden behind and between rose bushes and it was pretty spectacular. As the sun dries it all out...I'll see if it is bedraggled now.

Leslie...I saw a video clip taken from the back of horse reputed to be going 7 mph on a trail around Folsom Lake, CA ( Johnny Cash was not involved) that was blue lupin on both sides of the trail. If I can figure out if I could share it...I wanted to get it to you.

Welcome Skyline...glad you enjoyed what you saw.