Sunday, July 19, 2015

By Design, the Wonders in a Garden

One gardener's dead vines hanging from a tree is a hummingbird's swing set.

Hummingbird on a swing of dead vines in May

I can't get very close and none of my photos have quite captured it, but I see this hummingbird daily from my deck and kitchen window as it swings on dangling dead vines that escaped cleanup and trimming two years ago.  Our tenants had let vines grow crazy on all the fence lines, choking out roses and meandering into the redwoods. We pulled and pulled and got most of them out at both ends..but some were so out of reach.

 The vine remnants used to occasionally irritate me hanging down in my line of sight.

A Fuzzy Zoom

But this little bird has made me love the tangles that hang down, for everyday this bird comes and sits and swings and preens in the shade of the Sequoia tree from which the dead vines hang.  

These photos just can't convey so I just now saved my post and, camera in hand, walked into the kitchen on the chance that my little pal might be again swinging in the breeze. 

The window view

And yes, (s)he is there!

Camera to the glass...see him?

And take off!

Why have I gone to the trouble of posting these admittedly inadequate photos?  I need the reminder and plot it  here in gratitude for the sweet solace this little bird has brought me day after day. Clearly there is the reminder that many times there is purpose that we do not at first and perhaps on this side, ever see.  And then there is just the contrast...the world heats in sorrows and still the birds find a perch where they can have a quiet moment. 

And so should should we. 


Suzy Mae said...

This is beautiful.
I am very attached to the local birds that visit our garden. We have a pair of little owls that sit on the wall near our elderberry bush at night, two quail sisters, and a robin that chatters incessantly while I garden!
I find myself worrying about them if i don't see them for a while.
I love the pictures you've shared here :)

joanne said...

beautiful post, cool photos, love the view out your kitchen window and the reminder to look a little closer at mother nature and the gifts she bestows on us continually.

gretchenjoanna said...

And I have had such a quiet moment getting acquainted with your dear hummingbird... I suppose he is not around as much now that it's winter? I hope he returns, or that some relative finds those vines however they may be reconfigured by winter storms....

Jeannette said...

The hummingbirds have stayed and even nested in a nearby tree. The swing is not used as much now, but they do like their feeder greater.

Rachel Federman said...

Yes! & your words always help me to tap into that quiet moment. thank you.