Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blue Sky Morning

More than the water or the trees or the path into the forest, these are pictures of the morning sunlight, a welcome sight outside our door this fourth day of March. We won't be staying inside much today.
The little red wagon is probably happy to be drying out a bit. My husband's great grandpa made it around the turn of the century, no I don't mean right before 2000, but in the late 1800's. It has done a fair amount of work in its day, including helping his grandmother roll her groceries home from market where she lived as a young wife and mother in Rochester, New York in the 1920's. The wagon is retired from hard labor now, the wood is quite aged, but the iron wheels will probably still be good in another 100 years.

We, however, who won't still be rolling 100 years from now, are not yet retired from our labors, so I guess I'll get cracking.

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Leah said...

Beautiful pictures...

I am also loving the little red wagon. :)