Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lost or Stolen by My Own Devices?

     I confess that being thankful...truly being thankful... is not my natural  temperament ... it's easy to let cares and concerns rob me of a full blown "attitude of gratitude."  And I do know that to be able to receive as a child is beyond recommended ....  

   When I was a child I penned this little poem: 

What I am Thankful For

I am thankful for my father and my mother
Plus each brother.
I am thankful for my friends
and the clothes my mother mends.
I am thankful for the food I eat
and the floor that's under my feet
and the roof that's over  my head
and my nice warm cozy bed. 

There is a simplicity in it that I would be grateful to sustain.
And so I will work  seek to surrender to thanksgiving today, surrender to receiving  and let gratitude inform my heart and mind in old and deeper ways... I remember reading that holidays were made for us, not us for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving from Jeannette

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stand Their Ground

What do I want to say about these rocks?

    Or is it what do these rocks say to me?

These rocks are the center divide on a curve on California's Highway 101.  This through- the -dirty windshield- with- the -wipers- going photo was taken  as we passed these rocks at the speed limit ( don't worry, I wasn't the one driving)  northbound on a wet cloud day.

Paths have undoubtably skirted around these rocks long before there was a road.
They seem full of stories, these rocks. "Notice  I am already here,"  they might have said to the engineers that planned the state highway.   The road used to function with a lane going each direction, but now both these lanes are northbound and the two southbound lanes course around the west of these rocks.

I am always delighted to see these rocks, even for the split of time that one is granted with the need to keep eyes on the road and flow with the prevailing traffic.

The google truck must have been out on a clear day, and of course their camera is on top of the vehicle so here is a shot from google earth where you can see both sides of the road...or should I say both sides of rock.

 I like rocks...and these speak of the primacy of the ancient boundary if you will.  Store fronts along the road come and go, fields  are planted and some are paved over. Apple orchards are removed for vineyards...but these rocks hold their place and each time I see them, they make me glad.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Someone Finished It with a Little Help

A few of my readers asked me to post a follow up about the quilt top made by a woman that I wrote about  in She Was Looking for Someone to Finish It.    Perhaps those kind souls know something about  how much it helps to have others encouragement and others holding you accountable to your intentions.

And so I am happy to report that even though my dear Phoebe was "sew" helpful and also  sure that this cushy quilt must be for her ...

                       "Don't leave it lying around if you don't expect it to be appreciated..."

She is right of I hung it up to freshen it in the air and mottled light 
                  and thought I would see how it does for a little nap...  yep, it works... it definitely is all done.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Story Time at Write Purpose

Tonight seemed  like a good time to post a playful story that I wrote back in 2000.    I posted it in two parts over on Write Purpose, my web log that has more words than pictures, but you'll find a few pictures there too.  Yes, it is a true story, but of course the police officer ... hmmm what is that phrasing "any resemblance to actual police officers is co-incidental and no actual police officer is being represented here." No, that's not it, but that should do.  Anyway if you are tired from the election, or the weather or the economy ( it is a story about making m-o-n-e-y) and you are feeling a little blue, hop on over to Write Purpose and take a little time off from your worries.

Hope to see you there....You can find Part One of the story  here.