Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Encouraged to be quiet too...

The path of light, 
moon over water, 
wind visible in all that it moves, 
the dark trees,
the ocean swells
one lone boat fishing its own  small circle of yellow light...
and me waking in the early quiet 
watching like a cat at the window.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Encouraged to Communicate...

I recently shared on my Write Purpose Blog an article by Ralph McInerny called The Writing Life that I had unearthed sorting through old publications....and then I found this poem of his too:


Where are words when not yet spoken: on the tongue, in the mind, perhaps in air, nowhere? Their meanings, more elusive still, unbreathed await articulation, though I have heard in the beginning was the word.
Mutes and dentals shape the air that tongue addresses to the ear: speech is the mystery we hear. Animals are dumb,
their braying, chirp, and bark a mere semblance of speech, lacking that shared spark when speaker and hearer commune like hands that meet at noon.

Archived in December 2008 First Things

                                                 I am encouraged to communicate....