Monday, March 9, 2009

Poem for the Topic of Troubles

When trouble comes
in small unmarked packets or
the large bannered varieties blazoned in headlines
"Oh why did that happen?
If only ... what if?"
But no,
all that has already taken place

How shall we be
of good cheer
In this world
of many troubles?
Birds fly
and sing
and drink dew from the cup of a leaf or
the slow drip of my leaking faucet.
We should be so simple;
migrating as the seasons command,
our boundaries no offense to any others,
residing in the zone where we belong,
a cup ready at the well for any sojourner,
the fear of poisoned waters dismissed in the golden sun of morning.

That we could live so with one another.
What if?

my collage & father's sketch

1 comment:

thetalkingmouse said...

A most wonderful poem (!) - especially the bit about the cup at the well.
...and I'm doing my best to avoid the haruspex. :)