Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunset, Phoebe Cat, Presents in the Mail & Kale

Saturday, a day of presents from the garden...spinach, chard and kale...a reappearing theme here, because without a concerted effort, the needed quota of veggies just don't get eaten, but we're trying.
It was also a day of presents in the mail * Thank you Beth,Rosannah,Susan D., Gretchen and Babs...and on Friday I had already been feted by Susan H. & Debi and today Sarah Beth and Mark are cooking and giving. Saturday was also a day of tea and reading on the cottage deck because the sun felt so good.

Phoebe challenged me to game of hide and see and almost always wins when I try to capture her full face photograph. Playing above my head in the trees, she hid her eyes at the last second.

And then there were presents from the sky and sea as Saturday came to a close.

And I must is now a very lovely Sunday.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Views to the ocean, how lovely.