Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Turn your Back & Look what Grows
Wild FUNGI Black Mushrooms

I think they're Black Elfin Saddles (Helvella Lacunosa). NO, I am not going to eat them. "Oh dear, did you saute those long enough?" While they're said to be edible when cooked, that just doesn't appeal to it's poisonous, now it's not? Also when you handle them they can shoot off a cloud of spore "smoke." David Arora's authoritative guide to mushrooms says that they are commonly found on the ground in woods and under trees. They are said to be especially abundant in coastal California pine forests. Guess where I found it?

If I pass by something growing here and don't know what it is, I can be pretty sure that someone will soon be asking me to identify it. Writing things down helps me remember new information, and I thought that you,dear reader, might also like to know what these dark lobes springing up from the earth are. Also, if I do forget, a phenomena certainly in the realm of the possible, I can ask you, "What were those fluted weird mushrooms I put on my blog?" and you'll remember, won't you? Just picture little elves riding across the forest on their soft black saddles.

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RR said...

that is so coooool!