Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slow Down I want to Keep up with You.

Yes, that is the innards of my computer.  The fan was making so much noise we vacuumed it out  and  treated it, like a piece of French bread hot from the basket, to a little bit of oil.  Fortunately it's quieter when it boots up now, but a few days later the one functional ISB port stopped working so I now can't upload photos.  When in doubt vacuum?   

Last week, late in the afternoon,  my cell  phone quit.  I admit that I don't like to relearn new technology. 
 I need the phone for work and knew which buttons to press and suddenly when I had been thinking of calling it a day, there I was standing in an AT&T store getting a high tech lesson in fast talk.
 The salesman we had who seemed to know his stuff and have his spiel down, put a whole new gloss on the word "glib." 
  It's not like it would turn my whole world upside down to deal with a new phone, I'm not growing completely in the dark, but I decided I could takeover  my husband's phone which is only a slight bit newer than the one I had and he sprang for the 
new iphone.   Mr. La Glib was quickly showing us "all" about it.  "See...there you have it...and that's all there is to it... and if you buy this  then you get that for less and if you add this it won't really cost you more because you are saving so much and ... "  Those guys probably had a pretty good laugh when we left.
"Did you see her eyes glaze over...?"

One computer, one phone or two...but  a whole room full of phones and blue teeth and computers and tech savvy's a wireless jungle of electric magnetic fields....let me get back to the flowers and bushes...
but of course even to snap these photos I was the beneficiary of the work and knowledge of others who have worked in intense indoor environments.

 I 'm glad that a few of the pictures I took this week downloaded before my computer port closed shop.

I know that people who live in stone houses shouldn't throw away opportunities to keep up with technology or be anything but appreciative of nerds, that is to say, people who actually know what it is they are doing.   To have a digital camera is an amazing privilege.   Instantly seeing pictures I have taken... It's just easy to get lazy about honing in on all the advancements;  even the slight differences in the phone I had and the one I just inherited foiled me the other day and now  it is time to figure out what to do about this aging computer before it goes and takes everything that is on it with it.  And I know a new computer will require learning new technology, I just hope the next brilliant young technologically savvy salesperson for computers talks a little slower.
                 Maybe I should give them a little ring before I go into the store and see if I can find someone
                                                                  on the right wave length?

                                                                                ~ ~ ~


Rosannah said...


Jeannette said...

Grandma wrote:
Dear Jeannette,

I tried to leave a comment on Bread on the Water, but couldn't make it work--imagine how I feel when confronted with an iphone!!.

I am about to be confronted with an iron and ironing board--now those I can handle.

much love, Mom

Ryan Brady said...

My wife decided she needed to vacuum the back of my computer once... and fried the entire thing! Of course, that just meant that I got to spend a lot of money upgrading :-) Just find somebody that can walk you through what you need/want. No need to deal with the fast talkers.

Royal said...

He he... yeah, technically you're supposed to clean electronics with super expensive cans of compressed C02. It's odd that your USB port went out though.

You should buy a nice big, cheap external hard drive and back up your files. That way when your computer finally goes kupput you'll still have your stuff =) I've learned that one the hard way. And external hard drives don't cost much either. I recommend getting one from Pick one that is cheap and has good reviews and you'll be fine.

have fun storming the castle =)


Great post on technology. . . I've made my peace with it, but I do use it as and when I chose. Love the photo of the old black and white phone.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, Gg - Notes on the Journey. I can't believe you went all the way back to read how I began blogging. . . thanks to Oprah and Bette Middler - funny!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We are missing the sun here.

Rachel said...

Enjoyed this. I am so impressed that you stop to think of those working inside all day so that we can luxuriate in nature and record the views that move us. I'll remember that.