Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Morning Blue and Sunset Too...Pacific Ocean Carmel Beauty

                                     A real Saturday... I had my feet up and was reading on the terrace...but light on the water and the myriad changes that I saw each time I looked up distracted me.  I was delighted to realize I had actually stuffed my little camera into the pocket of my jeans.  This first shot was from my perch...but  after that I lay down my book
 and played with my camera.
  The crows needed photographing.  It actually is hard to read when they start scolding, they can be very demanding and persistent, especially when they arrive in droves.  However, these  two seemed to be taking Saturday off too. 

                                             But now that I was on my feet the light on rocks and tree and water seemed a better read. Though I must say, I am enjoying  the novel I've started by Tobias Wolff, Old School.
                                                      Water-Rocks-Tree?  Rocks, Water, Tree?

  Here is :    Tree Water Rocks

Cypress frame the view...

The cloud cover moved in suddenly and the morning sun was suddenly just a memory.

But in the afternoon the clouds had passed by and burned off and just two little puffs remained as the sun set.

It really was a lovely day. Hope you've had a fine weekend too.



Stunning photos. When I was young my dad gave me a lesson on his camera . . "always pay attention to how you frame your pictures."
Jeanne, you obviously had that lesson, too!



Opps, Jeannette ~ must be time for me to go to bed. I called you Jeanne.

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm glad you had a day like that. Your Tolkien quote is wonderful, and your experience and pictures are good examples of the truth.

Rosannah said...

so pretty! and i like your blog wallpaper too!

Rachel Federman said...

Beautiful photos.

Neal said...

Your words and pictures made me feel like I was there. Thanks..

Carol............. said...

I like all your photos! But the fourth one down is my very favorite!

covnitkepr1 said...

My problem is...I would mess up taking a picture of a concrete block...honestly. I do love viewing God's creation as captured through the camera of others and you have done that quite well.
Thanks so much for the visit and even more for the gracious comment. Here's hoping you'll become a follower and my blog will be a blessing to you as yours is to me.