Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Out on a Limb

                                      Sometimes people you love get themselves out on a limb...
I mean that figuratively of course. But in the case of my kitty, who is the photographic model for today's  musings on the feelings that can freeze a person in a dilemma thought by thought, limb by limb...

my kitty is literally up a tree.
I know would be rescuers shouldn't really grab their camera, but I couldn't resist.

Maybe this gives a little more perspective...?
Yes, she really is up there and it is steeper than she might have realized when she first clambered up and she must have had some good momentum going to get as high as she did...and now she realizes that coming back down is a different issue and that she has quite a long ways to fall.

But what would the fall really mean? Facts help a lot. Not panicking goes a long way too...and staying in the moment, and breathing.  These are the kinds of things I tell myself when I'm in trouble.   I need to remind myself of these basics and they help me to experience that there is sufficient grace for today...but if you try to remind someone else, even if they know it's sounds so pat. After all, you are down on the ground and they are, in that moment, well, out on a limb.  

 And there are so many awkward feelings, little voices that can distract right when you need all your facilities and focus.  There really is no shame in needing help, in asking for help...anyone of us might have to at anytime...that's how life is.  

Yes, she got down...I barely was able to help her at all...although I like to think that when I leaned on the trunk and stretched my arms up as high as I could, it gave her just enough sense of love and support to apply all her kitty prowess as she skittered back down to the forest floor.



John said...

Jeanette, Good insights, thank you for them. JgT

Nature ID (Katie) said...

I like this post. In many ways, it's so true. Cute cat, btw!


Ah, it is good to remember to breath when you are in trouble.


Anonymous said...

All can be

Laureen Naylor said...

you have a way with words...miss you! Laureen