Friday, May 20, 2011

May Garden Notes


  The day started with two of my helpers discussing who should do what first.

My theory on weather lately has been very scientific.  That is to say, I have a theory and in repeated experiments I prove that if I dress for chill mornings, it makes the sun come out with penetrating rays that drive me in for  shorter sleeves and  sock-less shoes and when I re-emerge, the air has cooled, the sun hidden itself, the sky has darkened and I soon want my layers back.  But rain and fickle sun and all, look what has ripened in the garden.

               And look at some of the bloomings.... a Julia Child rose bud

                                    the tall  Matilija Poppies  genus: ROMNEYA, species: coulteri.

I have never seen a California Poppy I didn't like...

This rose is called Double Delight and has a wonderful fragrance.

And speaking of pretty flowers and pictures, I got a two cool postcards this from a friend ( whose nearby presence I miss) visiting her childhood home on the Isle of  Wight and one from my dentist reminding me to come in for a dental reminder was so pretty I left it sitting out on my desk all week.   I wish the card had a location name or a map on the back; it would be a lovely place to walk among what looks to be at least knee high, perhaps hip high wild flowers.  
Hope you have a chance to get out of doors this week.



Flowers and strawberries . . . what a delightful garden.

I love your new picture, Jeannette. I finally know what my sweet friend, who leaves such funny and thoughtful comments looks like . . . adorable.


John said...

The fresh strawberries look delicious. It appears spring is finally settling in at Carmel.

GretchenJoanna said...

My garden science consists of experiments such as I made last Saturday, based on past experience. I watered the garden at church very thoroughly, because I knew that if I didn't, then the predicted thundershowers (or thunderstorms? is there a difference?) would not carry enough water to quench the plant thirst, and I'd have to go back. Since I DID water thoroughly, the storm brought plenty of rain, and my work had been unnecessary -- except for bringing on the rain.

Carol............. said...

I can almost smell the's gorgeous!

I like the new picture of you...

(My turkey video works at last. LOL)

wayside wanderer said...

Ah, such lovely flowers. The garden in May is the best! Love the sweet conversation picture. =)

Marfa said...

Oh, that photo of your dog and cat is so cute. I took a photo of my dog and bunny this afternoon!!!