Friday, September 30, 2011

A Peek Behind the Garden Gate
Part II

Earlier in the month- there are three hours left of September, if I type fast I can still say "earlier in the month" and have it mean what I mean it to say-  I invited you in for a Peek Behind the Garden Gate  and then without squiring you around much I left, a rare occurance, and went up to the Sierra Nevada mountains...  so while I wait for the cats to come home tonight I will upload a few photos of other  vistas in and from the gardens that I took after sunset this evening.

                                               My flash went off and lit the fern fronds
but if I crop them out, you won't be able to see the handsome gate.

Down the main path toward the main house...all the plants on the left edge have been dug out and transplanted elsewhere this tears and blue star creeper are going to hug the path.  The wall is so lovely it the eye simply wants to wind smoothly right down the wall and see out to the sea.   I 'll take a morning sun photograph some time soon...

 Sitting in an old stuffed chair outside the cottage front door....

Another bench studies this are looking south west

The light on the water changes all day long but the evening changes startle with beauty and stir both longings and gratitudes.

Are the waters backdrop or are the features of the land, the  trees and bushes,  simply a frame for the waters?

The chimneys of the main house under a crescent moon....still no cats...but I must say good night.


John said...

Looks like you had a very nice evening while waiting for the cats.

Michael Ann said...

So lovely. I love coming here and looking at your photos! I guess you have figured out I am a nature lover too. I saw your nice note on my blog today, thank you!
Michael An

Thinking in My Head

Haddock said...

The changing moods of the water surface is well captured.
Like that moon.