Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wild Life in the Wild West

When contemplating going into the high Sierras it can stir the memory of the times a bear has been encountered or perhaps the long nose and sleek coat of a fox was spotted, or when dark beaded eyes shared a moment's recognition.   So when walking quietly on the needles of the forest floor, how could I not take this picture of this winsome wild life?

   Do you see him?   He posed ever so briefly and then our time together was over.  It is none the less remarkable how a small creature out doing his creature business in the land where he was born and raised can give  delight.
   This was our destination...the maps do not name this  granite dome but do note that the top is 8736 feet elevation.  We named it Gumdrop.

                                                  A tree at the foot of Gumdrop Hill.

                                               The views as the climb begins.

                          From the top of Gumdrop looking north and eastward.


   Pretty in every direction, this is a view toward the dam which is at the southern end of Courtright Resevoir reservoir.

                                  Mark thought I might need proof that I got up there...
there were a few "inch by inch it's a cinch moments."

 Later in the afternoon, Mark took me out in the canoe.

We pulled up on the far shore which was a huge granite  slab dotted with large stones that had rolled to rest. 
 I wandered a bit, head down poking around in the driftwood amongst the boulders when suddenly a large eagle flew directly over my head.  I was so glad I looked up  from my beach combing.

    Mark captured  these pictures.  I had left my camera behind not confident that I wouldn't somehow take it for a swim.   Mark got me back  safe and dry...I should have known.

                  Our dear hostess took this photo of me,  as I was scribbling away before the fire.                   Now you know the truth, we weren't even roughing it...wild life indeed.


Rosannah said...

ah, the California mountains....

Michael Ann said...

So beautiful! Your photos are wonderful. Visiting your blog puts me at such ease :-)

I loved your comment on my post about climbing the tree. Thank you! Yes, I will send my aunt to your website. She is a California native and will especially love your last post I'm sure. Thank you!


I love the adorable picture of you at the top . . . wow.

I am sitll laughing and enjoying your recent kale comment on my blog.


Twiz said...

Your pictures are amazing! What a beautiful place to live. Thank you for visiting my blog with baking advice. Especially good idea to keep my fingers out of the butter as we're having a mini heatwave here!