Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bare Bones Anatomy of a Move

There is a great antidote to times like these...when you've rolled up the rug and  are packing up and saying good-byes and wondering how you ever got so many books 

and what box you put the aspirin in..

                                         You just leave your drawers on the floor...the desk was already in the truck...and your keyboard  perched on a cardboard box

and let someone you had only met via her blog take you for a lovely walk in a canyon you have never been in before.

Nothing to do here but to wonder at the forces that shape our world...the winds off the Pacific can topiary even the Redwood trees.

                                       Yes, thank you Katie and blessings to Steve's memory.

 But back at the ranch ( think seahorses) ... that truck is be filled to the gills and not everything we had to pack would fit in a box.  Klaas had gifted us with plants that had grown big and beautiful and we didn't want to leave those behind.

Fortunately we didn't pack alone.  David and Susan came armed with  boxes and wrapping paper and know how!

Blago got back in town just in time to make one more amazing dinner for us on the fire in front of the cottage.

Jeanette not only squeezed me onto her busy acupuncture calendar but came over after work to take a walk with me.

 Bashar, who is very dedicated to the new World Education University,  came and sat on the cliff with us.

The ever faithful Faisal hosted us at his and Bashar's restaurant, wonderful Dametra.

Bonnie and Steve met us for a lunch  out at Jeffrey's.

Artist Daria braved our rough stone paths bearing her energy giving chocolates.

 Debi and Stan stopping by with yet another present after a lovely tea in their home.

Angel helped us constantly and then his beautiful wife Victoria showed up with homemade tamales.

Yes, you all helped us to get on our way, but ironically it is also you who made it hard to leave...and yet...

                                 On Tuesday October 1st  I followed Mark who was driving the big truck, northward bound. We left  Carmel around 4:30 pm.  Our first stop was Inspiration Point on Highway 280  where we  watched the sun set over the Crystal Springs Reservoir but

we couldn't  linger as the rest stop we really needed was one exit north.  So we stopped again and that's where I broke out Daria's chocolates; I don't think I could have driven much farther without them!  

No more stops after that, but a moving truck is slow way to travel. It was after 9 pm when we pulled into the inn behind the old train station in Sebastopol.  We'd be ready to face the next stage of moving in the morning, but for the time being all we could manage to do was sleep...and we did!  In the morning we watched the sunrise above the mountains to the east of us, got coffee and drove the last little way home.

                                       It's overgrown and a little worn down in some respects, being the man who fixes everything hasn't lived here for seven years, but we are oh-so- happy to be back in our own little house.

And the weather has been so lovely that even though we aren't all unpacked we keep running outside to do a little gardening.

So that's it ...just  the bare bones of course...but I've kept you from your own glories long enough for today.

best wishes!


Neal said...

Such a range of emotions when having to move. So glad yours went seemingly so well. Cheers, Neal

joanne said...

beautiful. You make it sound so easy...I know better. Best wishes.

Martha said...

What a beautiful area! It takes a long time to unpack...years in some cases. ♥ But I figure if you don't NEED something in 2 years, and it's still in the box in the basement, maybe you can find another home for it....

wayside wanderer said...

What a beautiful post! I looked up both cities mentioned on the map (I have never been to I the only person in the world who hasn't?) And saw the route...was it just gorgeous? I imagine so. What is that tree with the red? Are those leaves or some sort of flower. It is beautiful. Welcome home!

GretchenJoanna said...

Home, home, home! Every little detail is very special....Thank you Lord for the preservation of many things that can be come back to, and things that can be brought back and put back in familiar or fresh ways. And for the eyes and ears and hearts that can receive from You.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

I'm glad we finally met, Jeannette. I'm sad it had to be right when you were moving away. I'm glad I was able to show you a little of Rocky Creek. I will always remember getting a tour of the stone castle with the guesthouse greenhouse. I hope you will come back to visit when I have a conservatory of my own. Best wishes as you settle in back home.

ps - I should check out 280 the next time I head north. It looks more interesting than 101 and faster than 1.