Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Springtime Project I Didn't Plan

What a funny title for me to if I plan everything out so carefully and fulfill those specifications with well timed regularity. 


From sea to shining sea I suspect no one was planning on quite the weather that has been going on.  In California it is a dry and early spring, though today there were some sprinkles.  I have read reports and heard tales of snow aplenty and lots of troubles in other regions.  We've got peach blossoms and a drought to face.

But it isn't weather that is rearranging the calendar of my current intentions, it is a health need.
Sometimes it is  hard to get lined up with life having its own way.  We have our ways of insulating ourselves from the facts of life. Other times the mandates given leave little to no room for choice.  I think of a particular friend who has been given a very fast introduction to how fleeting life is.  He does still have choice, of course, for he and she who loves him, are choosing to face each day's troubles with faith. It takes courage.

So what do I want to share here? I'm being given some healing treatments that take a fairly large commitment to complete.  I don't want to do the math on five afternoons a week for 60 treatments,but I believe it will take me pretty close to summer.   I have to fence a bit with myself, to get into the right stance, to really take it on in a spirit of gratitude.

When I got back today from my two hours in a closed chamber I ran to the back yard to look and see if the peach tree was still lovely.  Everything passes and changes so quickly in spring.  Maybe relinquishing this spring to needs of my body will quicken my sense of how precious time is...maybe I will be more productive, less wasteful, of the fragile precious

with best wishes,



gretchenjoanna said...

You are already learning to more intently number your days and moments - I note how you didn't waste any time getting out to the peach tree. Love you!

John said...

Good luck with whatever lies before you,

joanne said...

it seems that you have quite a journey ahead of you. I am sure that you will face it with much courage and faith. Sending love and light...wait, trust, hope.

Pom Pom said...

Thank you for sharing your gentle insight. You are a good soul.

DavidDavid said...

Puppy Maya bounded into the house up the back step, and came back out hobbling...felt her front leg, no pain, nothing broken, but she couldn't put weight on it...sighed and waited and watched, and after ten minutes or so, leg was okay...Maya's been bounding all over since just fine, but my looking-out-for-her acuity has gone up a few notches...:) best regards to you and your family...


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

best wishes to you, with working on your health.

thank you for commenting in my blog, and for the information, you shared.

your Icon is lovely... what beautiful hair. I have chosen to let my natural color come about. but do not have thickness... so I have to stick to short hair.

so of course, I notice lovely long pewter hair, on others. :-)


Leslie said...

Dearest Jeannette, I am so sorry to hear about your unexpected health challenge and will be praying for your healing. Your attitude is beautiful and there is something so restorative about looking at God's creation and soul lifting peach blossoms. I remember those from my childhood and hold a very special place in my heart.
Big hugs from Texas,

Neal said...

It is not the challenges that we face, but how we cope with them that makes us who we are... And from what I have seen in the words that you share here on your blog, you will deal with your current challenges just fine.. Cheers, Neal

Poppy said...

Hi Jeanette,

So lovely to meet you. Your words are wise and coloured with courage. Wishing you strength and confidence re: your present health challenge. Positive thoughts and prayers being sent your way.:))

Thank you for visiting Poppy View, and for your kind comment.

Take care!