Sunday, April 5, 2009

Post Card to My Family ~ A Day at Searock~

On the Deck A few weeks ago I transferred basil sprouts from the greenhouse to the garden bed. Basil is touchy at the ocean, so I decided to put the next batch in a pot on the deck and compare how they do. This is Italian basil. The leaves look a little stronger than the seed marked "Sweet Basil."

These succulents got a little too wet this winter, but they'll be warm & dry soon and thrive again.

Suzy sent me this little ceramic Mary Mary Quite Contrary, I call her Gardener on duty.

I love this sink on the deck. Mark put it in for me. Today it did big duty as I was cleaning many of the orchid pots and soaking them in vinegar to get the mineral deposits off. It's great to be warm in the sun while you're splashing water.

In the Garden Camera in hand, I remembered some new blooms I'd seen earlier in the day. Flowers remind us that time, like their brief prime beauty, is fleeting. The iris are fragile. Most of the iris are shades of blue or lavender. These golden iris are etched with burgundy and umber shades and today is theirs.

Margaritas are blooming at the foot of a cypress tree. And here is a pink (no kidding about that color) Camelia in it's prime.

In the Greenhouse I re potted some tired orchids to see if I can get them to re bloom and then found at least a temporary home for the new plants we got on the way home from San Diego. I need to learn more about them and in addition to reading up on them, that will mean experimenting with where they will be happiest in the greenhouse.

Aechmea Del Mar, will I remember your name tomorrow? Perhaps I will think of a nickname to help me. A pronunciation guide might help me too. And you know typing in these plant names is driving "spell check" crazy.

An epidendren Orchid...I love it's height..yikes it's pink too.

And then there is Tillandsia Cyanea Anita who indeed may have to become Tilly for short.

Here they are hanging out in a very old bathtub together...with a little lemon button fern that I will soon re pot.

On the Cliffs Meanwhile, back outside, the light ever changing as it is, was gilding the rocks and the Pride of the Madeira that the hummingbirds and butterflies visit daily. I took a few early sunset pictures, thinking especially of those who I miss and who would visit if they could. Remember how many postcards were emblazoned with words that are a nice thought but ruined the picture? I'll just say what I'm thinking and leave you three lovely shots unobscured...but I do ....*Wish you Were Here!*



Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could spare some advice?

I've recently moved into an upstairs apartment and I miss the plentiful herbs my mother had back home in the garden. I'm not a great green-thumb, so I'd like to ask you if there are any herbs that can be grown on a patio with the weather here in the south bay? Thanks for your time.


Jeannette said...

Herbs grow very nicely in pots. Most herbs are woody plants so they like good drainage and some sun. Try Basil, parsley, thyme, chives,oregano...If you do it as an experiment then there is no simply find out what works given your light exposure and air and all. All plants like morning sun, but if that isn't what you have, give them what you have and see what likes it at your new place. Goood luck!

Gretchen Joanna said...

I love the way the yellow iris contrasts with the blue-green tones behind.
The Pride is blooming at church right now, too! So wonderful.