Saturday, June 20, 2009

Along the Way

Visiting up north I pass by our home of seventeen years; we've had it rented it out the last three years and I'm glad to see it looks fine. I'm headed for my brother's. I take an old familiar shortcut. I love the way some places seem to hold off time and yet make the moment I'm in pulse faster with life.Not too many of these old redwood chicken sheds are left.
They remind me of very dear people who lived about these parts.

I didn't stop and take a picture of Walker Creek until it had already met up with Tomales Bay, but every meandering curve of it gave me great pleasure just to know it's still flowing along.

Queen Anne's Lace is blooming... is a wonderful word. There was painter named George Otis Demont who was one of the many who helped preserve the Point Reyes Peninsula.

Being that I brought bags of groceries from over the hill, right about now I am starting to smell the onions, so I realize I better not stop for any more pictures...after this one.
I've arrived and I step out on the deck now, to look across the waters to the northeast from where I came.
Below the deck it's the garden near and far

One more peek off to the south east and then it's time to get

cooking in the all boy's kitchen.
Memories of old and today's fresh visit of land that my heart knows are both with me, and now those onions are starting to smell pretty good.


Sarah Beth said...

wow nice pics. made me homesick!!

Gretchen Joanna said...

I could almost smell the trees and feel the air. Thank you.