Friday, July 24, 2009

Plant ID Help-GOT IT ! and Quite a Tree

Walking in the hills above the ocean I have met a succulent I cannot seem to find on-line nor thus far in any nursery. Maybe there is a succulent aficionado that can help me? Here is a close up and then a shot of the astounding display of flowers that cascade on a cliff. Of course I took a few cuttings and am trying to start it in the greenhouse, but I would love to know it's name.
7-27-09 update : IT'S LAMPRANTHUS OSCULARIA Deltoids. I walked into the Homescape Store at the Crossroads in Carmel and the proprietor knew the name. They sell succulents there and are connected to a Castroville growing nursery called Succulent Gardens.
I enjoy walking in the hills - puff puff puff- no really I do. Last week I finally remembered to take my camera with me. How is this for a fence?
It really is the old eucalyptus trees I am interested in, but the fence has it's captivating qualities as well.

And then this other aging tree has a very close relationship with a red headed woodpecker who perhaps will deign to be photographed some other day...
So if you know the name of that trailing blossoming succulent, please let me know. You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

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