Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Walk and Black Friday Reduce, Reuse, Recycle fun

A walk in the sun by the water on Thursday afternoon...

Today the frenzy of  stalking the stores' "big sales" begins for some. I decided it was a good day to recycle all the merchandise catalogs accruing, I don't think I ever asked for any of them.  It felt great.  I had looked at a few of them, briefly beguiled by the bright glossy pictures and so many things not needed and if I could afford  them I should be sending more money to orphans some where in the world. Some photos are so pretty I think of cutting them for collages, but who has that time?

I recently entered the storage unit where things from our home of many years are stored while we live in a small cabin by the sea where we work. It isn't that I have bought  much over the years, but I am sentimental about things from those I have known and loved.  I am thinking that for some things that have no real value, I mean I don't use Grandma's broken honey pot,  maybe I will photograph and save the picture?  After all it is the woman I treasured...not her things.  Still, things are imbued with memory...I am not saying we shouldn't have some keepsakes...but I am sure I could pick a few for each dear person and release the rest.  Part of the problem is that I am the trusted- to -keep- things person in my family....but....okay...will skip that subject for now. 

 I brought a few books and some cards and correspondance back with me from storage. I have some wonderful California History books  and found one I have never read.  If  The Story of Inyo ,  a 1933 history by W. A. Chalfant about the area of California, south of Bishop and east of Mount Whitney,  is not compelling enough for me to read or use for research I won't keep it any longer, but how will I know if I don't set it next to my bed or desk?  I saw there were boxes of goods that got packed to save when I did not have the time or the mind to look closely enough to see if they truly needed saving.  There are things that I brought with me when I did move that I still haven't sorted  so I will go after a few of those things today.  
 Use It
Give it Away
Recycle It  
And it seems like a great day to muster some creative energy for finishing a project or two.  And I have little a collection of fun things to pop into the mail to some little girls that do have time to play.
So I hope to  release things not needed to increase time and energy for what is important....

You've surely heard that phrase that we are to use things and love people... it is a terrible thing to get that reversed... 

Anyway, the sun is out again today and we had a fine walk yesterday and so here are a few pictures to share with you...loveable person.


Sarah Beth said...


Carol............. said...

What a beautiful part of our country!

wayside wanderer said...

Very beautiful pictures.
I was thinking of making paper beads out of these catalogs that come to without my asking. I just need to figure out HOW. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have beautiful views and it looks so warm! Wonderful photos! Thanks for leaving a comment on Forgotten Old comment about the flea made me smile! Stop by again sometime!
I collect way to much "stuff" and have been trying to limit it to just old photos and Christmas ornaments..because I know I should just reuse, reduce and recycle too because my kids are just going to throw most of my "stuff" away:)


I am so enjoying having all of our "stuff", after having it in storage for 2 1/2 years. Collections of many travels and fun memories. A few too many books . . . glad you got to bring a few things back to your cabin.

Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments on my blog.


John said...

Storage is, unfortunately, a necessary evil in todays world of overwhelming abundance. It is like your computers hard drive for the physical world around you. It is good to periodically "defragment" the storage to free up space for the new.
I wish you well as you reduce, reuse and recycle.

Thanks for the comments you've made along the way, your encouragement is appreciated. JgT