Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something is Better than Nothing

That's what an old proverb says, or maybe the version "Half a loaf is better than no bread" is more fitting for Bread on the Water....

There are times when to tell others what is up is to risk bringing them down and that has never been my desire here...sharing on-line.  If one is personally involved and has an organic and real connection, then to share the more difficult realities in life is essential....but when the connection is isolated to one  realm or another, then...the entire story need not be shared.

That's what I am thinking...and so it has made me mighty quiet of late in the generically sharable realm.
I plunk out these vague references in an attempt to reintroduce myself to this venue of communicating, and sharing that which is, though not terribly interesting, at least  not overwhelming or opportunist.  Though it is probably true, what the old proverb says, "A trouble shared is a trouble halved.",  some troubles even in half sizes are too sad.

One of the things I have been deeply aware of lately is how much misinformation is spun into stories that make the news.  When you know the facts, know the people and then read the variations that prevail and are passed on from one news service to the next...and even when corrections are made, it is often the earlier erroneous versions that are next linked or quoted....well it makes you wonder about a lot of the other stories you have read and how accurate they are.

And beyond the personal, the spectrum of troubles out in the world is ....well...full spectrum.  I suppose there is some formula that can be conceived that divvies up the proximity of the sorrows versus the weightiness.  The closer to home the sorrows, the more they weigh, and yet, distance in this world doesn't give us much immunity given the gravity of happenings.

I am grateful just to have written a little here...I feel indelicate, inarticulate, like a unlettered woman asked to acknowledged that she has indeed witnessed some transaction and is required to make the only mark she knows.

Yes, even just writing these few words... something is better than nothing...I feel like I have had a sip of cool water and my parched voiceless throat squeaks out a raspy "thank you."


GretchenJoanna said...

I appreciate the Little Post from your kind heart.

charity said...

I agree, it's good to hear from your heart.

I'm sorry for the sadness in your life right now. I think about your family every day and pray for you.

It's unfortunate that reporters feel it's ok to spin things like that. I have somewhat personal experience with that as well. My only comfort through that my faith that the Truth will be known in the End.

Much love.


Hey, how did I miss this post? It is so good to hear your sweet voice . . . I have been missing you.

I continue to pray for your family.

A number of years ago, my friend's firefighting husband was injured in a Seattle fire that killed 4 firefighters. She talked often about the news media and how often what they said wasn't even close to the truth. This must be so frustrating, when they are talking about someone that you love.

Thanks for picking up the "pen" again.