Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August...Two nights, Two very different Sunsets

The first day of August was very sunny and warm here in Carmel and the sunset happened quickly with a deep afterglow.  A sliver of moon appeared and then it too slipped below our horizon.

                                 Crescent Moon and Sunset  Together   August 1st

 The second day of August  was cool and gray again....and when the sun set...
                                             it was all silver beauty.




Thanks for sharing the beauty around you, Jeannette.


Carol............. said...

Ahhh...the first photo should be called"Dreamscape".

Cool pics.

John said...

Wonderful composition, just like your prose.

Charity said...

Wow. And Wow!

Lovely photos of lovely skies.

How much fun must He be having, to create such beauty. He is infinitely creative!

Thanks for sharing!

Michael Ann said...

Beautiful photos! You are so lucky to live in Carmel!

Rosannah said...

like like like like