Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Peek Behind the Garden Gate
Part III

Where were we?
If you are just joining me now... Part I and Part II might be fun to see first....if you'd like.

Here's that path in the sunshine in the morning....but you see the line of shadow...that's baby tears territory. Plants either fail to thrive here, or they want to jump over and cover the it is going to be ground cover from now on.

This photo is for  a blogger who is frequently seeking to uncover bed rock ideas or looking to remind folks of foundational realities...
 This is a corner of the  main house.
                                             I told you you might get lost wandering around...that isn't the neighbor's, it is a room of the greenhouse.


That rock, frosted with ice plant, has been  a hotly contested nesting site.  Canada geese pick it, seagulls raid it and the neighbor in the curve of the cove begs anyone else who might disturb the birds to resist the temptation of climbing up there.

Workmanship...not, natural resources, hard work, an understanding of  the laws of mathematics  and physics...  the road wasn't even paved when this was built.

                           Of course the greenhouse is a good reminder that a little technology isn't bad either...

                                                          but simple is a favorite for many

         the trees that have fallen have their own tales to tell

                                             It's already sunset again...and October now too.

                                            Life is full of changing seasons and good-byes.
                                             This picture is especially for Charity...

It has been a lovely Saturday.... when I let a kitty out this morn, I followed her out and wound up perching on the edge of this hammock, rocking myself awake and watching the humming birds... but there's been no napping and both kitties are in where they belong, safe for the night ( if you have never read why kitties coming home at night is an issue, you might enjoy reading this post) so time for me to take my rest too.  I hope you've enjoyed peeking here and there in the garden...
I always appreciate your visits here to me.


Charity said...

To visit and walk awhile through your garden, if only in my imagination, has been so peaceful and some therapy.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos and for your special thoughts. <3


What a beautiful place to spend a lovely Sunday in October.


Haddock said...

That looks like the old band stands made by the British. Only they were open.

John said...

Heck, I'm still trying to figure out what to call "Room 5." Love the tour. -- John