Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April In The Redwood Empire Early Flowerings Continue

                                           Posting  photos and sprinkling a few descriptions  down the page reminds me of those packet postcards  that unfold like an accordion.    This one is for you.

Sun starts showing up sometime after 6 am these days.  This was about 6:30  Monday morning.

Phoebe wasn't ready to get up yet.

We  met brother Steve at the Point Reyes Station House for breakfast.

 Poppies are in out in abundance in the coastal range and the green hills in the morning light  are a feast for the eyes.  My driver  wasn't stopping for pictures and I couldn't have done the views justice.  Spring has come fast and will likely leave us just as quickly.  I hope there are beautiful vistas greening up in your neighborhood  too.

Back at home not everything is green...check out these new rose thorns!

And the iris are bursting open!

The old shed next door is crushed with roses and vines.  The new neighbors will be taking it all down and out eventually but in the meantime I am enjoying its wild abandon.  It is part of my northwest view from the deck and it reminds me of cabins and shed in the valley where I grew up.  My brothers and friends and I had names for all the derelict buildings and stories often sprang from our  fertile  imaginations if not our explorations.

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Grape vines leafing ...we were up in the 80's this week but its cooling down the next few days.

I could have started tomato seedlings, but I haven't  so how could I resist the display at the grocery? I bought  a nice ready to plant specimen called a Brown Sugar Heirloom and maybe if I get it in the ground today I really will have medium sized tomatoes in 75 days.
It will go in a gopher basket of course...

So there it got an accordion  postcard from  the 

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Rosannah said...

wow! cutest little Phoebe bug! those Iris are saying "thank you" for cleaning out our spot in the garden! nice to see the green explosion. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

There is so much to love here! But I think my favorite view is of the crowd of irises coloring up the back yard - wow! They are wonderful.

Neal said...

Great photos again. You will have to include the Point Reyes Lighthouse in one of your posts. Cheers. Neal

Tania Pryputniewicz said...

Beautiful images and words, Jeannette, you made me hunger for that green damp cool sweet air we don't get here in SD. Good to see you here.

Tania Pryputniewicz said...

I forgot to say too I accidentally deleted your last comment on my blog...tiny screens, jumping links! Happy blogging and photo ferreting. Love love that shed.

wayside wanderer said...

Wow oh wow! How lovely. The sunrise is on FIRE! And your yard and view are just fabulous. The shed is the best.