Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture Story of a Day in May

One day in May, a lovely day, in the year 2006,

for Mother's Day, a certain dear person took me on a picnic.

She had provisons all ready...we just had to find that right spot.

The water was inviting

but the beach was not quite what she had in mind.

So we kept on driving on favorite roads...

past outposts of the past

cautious critters ...see the deer hiding?

and curious "birds"

in search of just the right spot

when we stopped

we even took our own photo

Flowers bloomed

The sky was blue, the vultures were noisy

We ate lovely food and I got to open up presents

and play with them right away

I hadn't tried to draw anything in a long time...

but a pencil in my hand made me look a little more closely

... and my funny little drawings help me remember...

~a very shared day with love~


GretchenJoanna said...

What a sweet story! (sigh) That was a gift that has gone on giving.

Sarah Beth said...

Hey, I remember that lovely day in May too! :)