Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just before Hitting the Wall...I wrote this:

I recently realized that it has been a little over two years since I started sharing on Bread on the Water.
I'm not yet satisfied with how it is all organized ( or that it isn't)  in terms of easy access, though the invitations to look at some other earlier posts tagged on at the end of current posts may help some. But reorganizing the categories some is on my "to do list."  Back in those archives there are some good lumps of dough and I am not sure how likely a new visitor would be to ever find them.

This week there just hasn't been much sit down time....
at least not until I am too tired to contemplate writing much at any now... I am surprised that I have even managed this much; it certainly wouldn't be a good time to try and revamp things.  As far as energy goes,  I know I am likely to "hit the wall" soon.  There are a few more things I should do tonight and then there is a  whole lot more I could do to make a nearing deadline more comfortable, I just don't have much more do in me for tonight.    Maybe some time I will feel free to share a little bit more about the variety of work I engage in.  How is that for a way to make one's work sound interesting?

The thoughts I have been exploring lately  have to do with boundaries, 

 identity and purpose... but they are still covered in a bowl in a warm spot to get the yeast rising. 

 In the meantime, I hope you will read my first entry on this blog from January 2009 found here: Non- Zero Compliance , and then another short piece  written in February of 2009 that talks, in part,  about how I chose the name of this blog: Bread, Money, Energy .  And wander around, whenever and where ever you like of course...
I thank those of you who do stop by and read and if you take the time and go through the process of leaving a comment, you are doubly thanked.    Maybe I should go see if I can undo any make a comment hoops?  Am I getting a second wind? Or just fooling myself?  Oh no, now it's time to pick labels for this mm...can't get away from this organizational categorizing stuff, can I?

My desk a few years ago...

My desk the other night...  but it is all cleaned off right now...well almost.   

Oh, and then there is the posts need titles...
                                                Yep, that's it, now I am hitting the wall for sure.


John said...

Welcome back,
A wonderful invitation to read deeper than just today's posts. There are some really good posts in your archive. I will "endeavor to preserver" (The Outlaw Josey Wales) and take some time absorbent them.

I must come to grips with what category of Blog I write.

Martha said...

Your first post is interesting...I'm reading "Radical Homemakers" by Shannon Hayes right now...and the part about frugal and healthy living in this economic time when we depend so heavily on corporations for our food REALLY hit me.


Congrats on two years of blogging. I really like your analogy of bread dough. Writing a blog is rather like that to me . . . something is milling in my head for awhile and then it is just ready and I write about it.

Hope you get some rest, Jeannette, or at least that the wall is soft.


Pom Pom said...

Oh, I love that view out your window. Cozy!

Carol............. said...

You'll be breaking through that wall in no time!

You've been taking some nice pictures...the rain is interesting.

I'm going to read the links you left on your post today but that will wait till tomorrow when I can just sit, read, and pay attention.

Rosannah said...

interesting desk comparison! :)