Monday, January 14, 2019

Today, while it is Yet so Called

Yes.  Pressing on. 
One step at a time. 
“At a time.”
The morning routine is fraught with awareness of time.

How often is time noted by mortals as “fleeting”?

Youth, at play, absorbed in doing-exploring-being, does not take note of time.

Those of us older than a child,  those who’ve passed into the realm of self consciousness, also can dwell in deeply immersed doing, but in retrospect are often aware…“Time got away from me.”  

Or, did I get away from time? 

So much time does get away, and then we splash in pools of memories, murky little puddles though they may be.

I have muddled in my own and others' memories at near expert level, looking for that jigsawed piece that could  finish the puzzle laid out on today’s flat surface.  What could -should -would such completion mean for tomorrow? 

But fragments of time gathered again, like crumbs of bread brought back to the baskets after all have been fed and are satisfied, speaks not only of brokenness but of the whole always fragrant and new. 

The invitation is ever emblazoned on the morning: ”, while it is yet called today...” 


GretchenJoanna said...

I've been musing on the topic of memory, memories, and time quite a lot in the last couple of weeks, and just last night transcribed notes from Fr. Stephen's YouTube video "Running on Empty," which was more about time and memory than you would think. As he says, our memories are only snapshots; we never remember a whole day.

Also, the article "Chalice of Eternity," by Gallaher, which I keep saving and reading and losing and finding. You'd think I'd be an expert on time by now -- hahaha. Well, maybe on losing.

I pray you keep finding Him in this moment. Then, now and the future will be the Kingdom of God! <3

John said...

Nice posting. "If I had but a few moments more" is one of the most regretful things we can say. Time, by whatever scale it is measured, is always moving, and we allocated only a finite amount to use in each life.

I hope your allocation is a long one, and the choices made never result in the regret of needing a few moments more.

Martha said...

It's a good reminder to seize the day! I'm 41 now and thinking of what else the future may hold, but need to just go and travel, before I can't.

Haddock said...

Yes.... .today, while it is yet called today...”
Yesteryears was once upon a time "Today"

Neal said...

Quite appropriate as I have been wondering, "where did the time go" since I have spent any time on my blog or checking on blogs I follow. As I get older I tend to get into a routine and forget to do some things I should be doing. Cheers to you.

John said...

I found myself scrolling through some of your older posts, regretting how much I missed when they first appeared. I think, for my own well being, I will make it a daily stop to review the years we've known each other.

I hope all is well with you these days, and you, Mark and the family continue to enjoy the bounty life offers us each day.

Yours truly,