Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Amiable Rearrangment

Phoebe the Cat was ready to come inside and Kitty Bumpkins was ready to go out.
Their gaze at each other as penetrating as a laser... I opened the door
and quickly there was a changing of the guard...It's convenient when you can obey two cats at once, being that meeting the expectations of a cat usually involves getting up to open a door. Not as convenient for photography though; I got no more than a shot of their respective tails it all happened so fast.
"Hm what shall I do?"
Earlier in the day a red headed woodpecker had visited the bird bath, that is what it's for...the birds...and we have many who safely dare to visit here.
But Bumpkins thinks the bird bath is her auxiliary water dish although it takes quite a straddle to get a drink. I think the birds sit in the trees and laugh at her, but not too loudly, she is quite a tree climber too.
If you click on these photos you can see just how cute and silly a cat she is. And her little story and photos just had to be posted for someone who might be, nay must be missing her quite a little bit. But not to worry, she knows whose kitty she is.

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GretchenJoanna said...

This was very entertaining, especially the tails going in different directions.