Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home again, home again Jiggety Jig.

Not that you missed me, but I have been away from home and the computer and consequently this web log. We walked out

the garden gate and drove on up the road.

Sunday afternoon we visited with many old friends and my brother, Steve, before we headed to check on our house "up there" that is currently rented out. Report of leak on a deck that is also a roof over a special room that looks out into the garden mandated that Mark see what was needed. With the rains coming, it was basically he that was needed. It was not the kind of job one can hire out...improvisation is one of his many skills. Next season we hope to revisit the repair in a much larger way, but for now, all should stay dry.

But first he had to take me east to stay with his momma, the original heart of our journey, that old leak just being a minor but demanding complication. While Mark was busy driving back and forth and repairing the deck I accompanied Miss B. through some special needs and I must say she is a very brave lady indeed.

One night I worked

a bit on this vintage quilt top.

The blocks were made by hand, but by whose hand I do not know. The fabrics truly seem like "her aprons or blouses" and "his shirts." I joined them together and found a backing I like. I was able to pin baste and then sew baste the sandwich together, but that is as far as I got for now. I also sat and did a little hand sewing in the hospital waiting room and during one night of television. It was calming to have needle and thread in my hands. We had nice dinners together. I roasted vegetables, cooked sauce for pasta, made soup and some guacamole for which I tried to make tortillas...but corn grits doesn't quite work...they tasted good though.

Up and back on different roads, we drove through beautiful lands...I didn't take a single picture except in my mind's eye, of the tumble down barns and black cows, new grass pushing through the golden straws of last summer and leaves and berries in bright reds and oranges sprinkled amongst the tree greens. Every corner of the land has its own colors...

and now we are back to the blue Pacific on the granite cliffs.


Sarah Beth said...

I missed you!

Thank you for taking me with you on this journey. Who needs pictures when you tell it like that.

GretchenJoanna said...

Your map drawing is especially charming!