Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Proper Thank you for a Blogger's Kindness

A few weeks ago I asked if a little wall hanging quilt I saw on Julie Bagamary's quilting blog was for sale, and I was delighted to learn that it was.  And then I made a comment on another post on her blog and was randomly chosen to  receive a  giveaway she was offering, a 2010 Cloth Paper Scissors Calendar. 

 As Julie  acknowledged in her giveaway, we all  know the year is almost half done.
It is, isn't it?...when June is gone, oh June , we barely knew you ; today the 27th and the last Sunday in June, half of 2010 will be part of the past.
But marking time or remembering dentist appointments is not really the point of many calendars, they are often to inspire and amuse. And  it was fun to receive a gift from another blogger.
  Readers of the magazine of the same name, were asked to illustrate what, in any given month,  life is  like for them...and capture it in a 12' x 12' box. " Life is like a box of ..."

My favorite depiction is from the month of April...

Life is like a box of tools  use them wisely, know the rules, build your future make mistakes, be prepared to fix what breaks.
                                                                   July  for some people life is like a box of quilt squares...
But this one, by Jean K. Brown of Elgin Illinois in its ingenuity is my favorite and I think I will frame it to hang by my husband's workbench...the place where he so often and ingeniously fixes so many things. 
The last little image is a clay polymer heart held together by a small clamp steadied by a doll's hand.....
click on the photos to enlarge....
Thank you Julie!
I hope you will check out Julie's's inspiring.