Saturday, July 28, 2012

Golden Flowers on a Foggy Shore

I can see these flowers, bobbing in the breeze beyond the ferns on yonder path outside my door.  They are taller than I am - and I am  5' 6 .75 "- unless I have shrunk, which is of course possible.   They bloom in July which is very good of them because the Central Coast of California tends to not see much sun midsummer.  Of course when the sun does break though it is a dazzle beyond what tongue can tell, but  days can pass without a glimmer of the golden glow.

When I first became responsible for these flowers I was told that they are Frittillaria 
and I loved the name how it just rolled around in my mouth and reminded of good things to eat and sounded so exotic.  Then I found out that in fact they are Lilium.  Well Fritti or Lilium, I did know they were Lilies and due to the spots I knew someone must call them Tiger Lily.

Not only is it foggy but the breeze has been constant and me with my hand held camera in the breeze...I present to you Lilium  columbianum...

I suppose it is possible that it will be August before I am, God willing, back here sharing...never my intention to be gone so long...and I suppose I could surprise my self and hurry back sooner having typed up the ink scribble offerings I have been cloistering or write the book review that belongs on Write Purpose... time might tell.  In the meantime, I  wish you the best in these last few days of this July.  



I hope you enjoy the last days of July, as well, in that beautiful setting with flowers.

We miss you when you are gone ... but always love seeing a new post.

Is your busy schedule allowing you time to take in any of the Olympics?

charity said...

The Tiger Lilies are beautiful. :)

Thanks for adding a bright spot to my day!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

Jeannette said...

Welcome, Anonymous...Many of my posts are about flowers and gardening on the coast. You can explore the garden posts in the archive. Thank you for signing up.