Sunday, July 15, 2012

Distant Views & Close Ups...Megabytes Reduced!

See the little spots of red below the windmill my dad made years ago, those are poppies.

I took these pictures in our garden in May.  They, like the other photos I had been uploading  without reducing them, were huge.   Thanks to everyone who commented on my questions about paying for photos.  It gave me the energy to explore my options.  I knew how to reduce in other  photo programs and  now have learned that on a Mac I needed to export them out of i-photo to work with sizing.                        

Here they are,  the lovely poppies, up close, a few days before a gopher ate them.  If I had my dad's device set up as he designed it....the pole of the windmill, which he called a clacker,  is to set inside a metal pipe in the ground with room to wiggle so it clangs and clacks and disturbs the peace of the tunneling nibblers.... maybe the flowers might not have been on Mr. Gopher's menu.  Ah well, when St. Paul was reminding the people of Corinth not to bother others about what they chose to eat he  quoted Psalm 24 : "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it..."

I saw the actual gopher one day when he popped out and had a brief skirmish with Miss Phoebe the cat which skirmish both survived.  Phoebe follows me in the garden, sometimes playing quite the overseer.  Her quiet company is a great blessing to me...friendliness...showing up...coming alongside...checking in... and she often makes me smile and laugh.

 So a little snap of the view like this photo above is over 7 MB... that's megabytes...and  reduced the photo is down into the kb size....that's lots smaller.  I must continue to make time to learn about the technologies I allow in my life.

 This is the rose named for Julia Childs...who was very good with a spoon.

So, as time and energy permit, I hope to be back soon to share  "of this and that " with you who find and follow and enjoy my wandering missives.  I have enjoyed taking a few quiet moments to share this morning, so I thank you.


heather west said...

Great pictures. Technology is a funny thing. So many of us seem to jump right in to the 'latest and greatest' without finding out what it's all about. Thanks for the comments.

Sarah said...

So beautiful! I miss P sharing about the beauty he used to see so many times!

Martha said...

Oh, those poppies are stunning! Too bad they were eaten. Are they edible to humans? Have you ever harvested poppy seeds from them?

charity said...

Beautiful pictures as always. And great quality - I don't think anyone is missing those extra KBs. :) I hope the gopher really enjoyed those poppies...
I have just recently learned about noise as a gopher deterrent and find the idea fascinating. Nowadays they have solar powered sonic beeps or some such. And here we are talking about technology yet again.
Always enjoy 'visiting' :)

John said...

Welcome back. Your pictures are stunning, as usual, and I am glad to see you've found a bytes reduction plan that works for you.


Wow ... that Julia Child rose is stunning ... as are all your photos.